Admissions and Enrollment Services

Eduinfocus has a wealth of experience with connecting data in the admissions recruiting and enrollment phase.  If you would like your data to be better integrated between the inquiry, event management, standardized test, and applicant records in your systems, we offer products and services to help your admissions department maximize your existing data.  Please browse the admissions products below if you are looking for solutions to help streamline your information issues, such as prospect data management, event scheduling, or applicant communications. Our solutions interface with many of the popular admissions packages.


When the time is right to move from your legacy system to the latest admissions technology, such as Slate or Salesforce, we can provide assistance with application setup, legacy data transfer, customized reporting, and many other features available in these packages, both vendor-supported and external.

PivotPack Online Application Data Analysis Tools

If you are looking to quickly analyze prospect or applicant data from your online applications or prospecting forms, PivotPack will save you time in deriving important statistics from your applicant pool. Data from your online application vendor or in house application is displayed in a very easy to read and convenient dashboard format, customized to your individual needs.
PivotPack will work with any online application that can export data in a spreadsheet or text format.


G-MATE will help you quickly combine standardized test feeds from testing agencies into your admissions marketing, CRM or prospect databases. This will enable you to instantly use testing data sent to your school as a marketing tool.
G-MATE will work with GMAT test score feeds, as well as GRE, SAT, LSAT. Other test feeds can be configured to interact with the applicant database, correspondence and CRM functions in your admissions process upon request.

Prospect Duplicate Checker

The Prospect Duplicate Checker can help you solve the dreaded duplicates issues in your prospect and applicant admissions databases. Using the Prospect Duplicate Checker will allow you to tag and update your prospects to existing data before they get into your database. The result is clean data for each of your applicants or prospects so you can correspond with, track, and report on them with a high degree of accuracy.

Interview and Recruiting Event Scheduler

The Interview and Event Scheduler will integrate with many different types of admissions databases. It can use your existing prospect or applicant data to connect interviewing and event scheduling information to your primary data.

Reporting Manager
Your prospect data can be used in very powerful ways to focus in on specific populations and draw conclusions. A centralized report manager will help your department easily see the story behind all of your data and make the right decisions. If you would like to bring all of your various reports under one central dashboard without changing your whole reporting suite, we can show you how to consolidate these with minimal changes.